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Staff Training works We all recognise that trained staff are better for business.

Why? You're more likely to retain staff who feel more confident about their job. Staff will understand your business more and in turn give a better service to your customers. Staff are also less likely to make mistakes when it comes to the law on food and alcohol sales.

Benefits Your company will benefit from the huge savings that e-learning has brought, eradicating the need for most classroom based training. Staff take themselves through our training programs which are built to ensure the learner completes every module properly.

Easy Access Not only is access as easy as entering a website, learners can view company information and material on your own company intranet interface built by us, just for you.

Unlike any other online training companies we don't give you a free library and tell you to buy courses on an individual basis. That's simply doesn't work and you'll find many large pub companies who do it this way only every train a small fraction of staff.

Experts You can be safe in the knowledge that every course follows the UK and EU syllabus and every course comes complete with it's own unique CPD approved certificate, for the learner to keep and a copy for their personnel file.

Costs We guarantee that whatever size business you have and however many staff you carry, we have a package to suit you.
We give you the very latest Learning management System and open access to every course available to every staff member. Only our clients can receive Academy Excellence Status because only our clients can claim to train 70% of all staff in at least 8 different courses.You never pay per course, just around £3 per month per staff member which saves your company a huge amount annually.

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