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What is The National Hospitality Academy Program? NAP is an academy program developed so that any hospitality business large, small or groups, can access first class training for all of their staff at a low and or fixed cost.

Why the National Academy? Industry experts have created training of the highest standard and deliver it to more people, faster & more cost effectively than traditional face to face methods. We do this by using the latest e-learning technology, to build and run our courses, making it cost effective enough for even the smallest venue to access.

What happens when you join? Your staff will be able to access every course in the Hospitality Academy series "and we're adding more every month" by using your own unique course library.

Every course is Certified for Personal Development, (CPD) certificated and can be taken in their own time, at their own pace and is all monitored by the Hospitality Academy team from our back office system.
Essentially this means that every single staff member you have receives training overseen by us, leaving your management to get on with running the venue.

Who is it For?
Bar Staff, Waiting Staff, Cashiers & other alcohol shop retailers, anybody looking to apply for a bar position, any pub, bars, hotels, convenience shops, off licences, casinos nightclubs take-away's and any other premises that retails alcohol or food