Get Dynamic Tour

Get Dynamic is two days of training like you've never experienced.

Entrepreneur, award winning industry coach, Mark Bowden, together with his fellow experts will show you how and why to get dynamic at your venue. (he's also a damn fine magician)

Real World ideas to change the way you do business and interact with customers, it's guaranteed to revolutionise the way you manage.

We will show you how to train your staff to generate more revenue from the customers in front of you, heighten their experience and make sure that they come back for more.

You will see How to create positive reactions from the moment a customer arrives, to the minute they leave.

You will learn from our experts how to drive business through social media innovative marketing.

Our Food and Beverage Expert will help you create a menu that will make more cash and how to steer customers to premium more profitable brands.

The course is trained by four top industry experts and coaches, lasts for two full days and all clients will leave with course certificate, useful tools and a head full of motivation, energy and ideas.

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