Valentines day is nearly here

Monday, January 27th, 2014

Valentines day is nearly here

Love is in the air! A bit of a after party following Christmas and New Years Eve, but hey, its the first real celebration of 2014 so embrace it. Valentine's Day can be one of the most profitable days in the bar and restaurant industry especially in the city. Customers are already looking to make bookings, so now is the perfect time to promote your bar or restaurant in a romantic way. How will you different? Here are a few suggestions to entice your customers with more than just chocolate, wine and flowers.


Dress up your restaurant and your staff for a fancy evening. Change the mood with lighting, decorations, live music (jazz musicians or a swing singer. Gourmet meal options will offer a spin on your traditional day-to-day atmosphere. Turning off the television and providing a lounge area with plush, throw pillows is another way to promote an intimate ambiance.

Think about families.

Some couples don't have the luxury of spending the night alone and would if catered for prefer to celebrate the occasion as a family unit. You can appeal to this particular audience by offering a kid-friendly themed evening. Table games can be provided or you can host a trivia game throughout the evening that offers prizes to the family that wins. A prize option could include a returning gift certificate to your restaurant to for a future "date night" to encourage future visits.

Make a Night of It

If space is available, you can provide an area where couples can dance after a meal. Why not team up with a cinema, theatre or bowling ally to create a package.
You could even team up with a whole host of businesses. Team up with a hair dressers, nail designers etc and create a full day inclusive of a meal and drinks at your venue


For singles, Valentine's Day can be a dismal reminder of being alone. However, your restaurant or bar can capitalize on this by staging a singles night package deal that includes dinner, wine, dessert and an appetizer. This creates a sense of unity among a group. An open bar is also a great way to market yourself to this particular crowd. Get singles to register on your Facebook promo page for the night.

Whatever you do make it fun and get them tills ringing